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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Studies

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By collaborating with internal marketing and development teams at established eCommerce retailers we’ve been able to see first hand our combined strategies implemented to drive up market exposure, consumer engagement and conversion rates.

Naturally every retailer is different, and even clients with £100k+ in daily sales can be considered to be operating in a niche.

The outcome is that there are hundreds of strategies we can implement to drive performance in your eCommerce website – together we can select the right strategies for your business, with all it’s nuances considered.

Driving Value

We typically engage eCommerce retailers to undertake work on a project basis or retainer basis with key goals in mind:

  1. Drive more target customers to the website
  2. Increase conversation rates of visitors to purchases
  3. Increase lifetime value of customers

Ultimately we target to drive down CAC – ‘Customer Acquisition Cost’ – total customers divided by marketing spend, while increasing website traffic and sales.

Case Study: Walls and Floors

 Search visibility increase

 Keywords positions improved

Results: 127% improvement in visibility in just 4 months

Goal: Appear higher in Google
Services: SEO, web development, BA
Type: Website Launch

Optimising PPC Spend

Case Study: Home and Roost

 Increase in online sales

 Reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC)

Results: 6 fold increase in sales year on year

Goal: Optimise PPC spend, reduce CAC
Services: PPC, SEO, web development
Type: Ongoing Retainer

Case Study: City of London Gin Distillery

 Increase in new users

 Decrease in bounce rate

Results: 50% increase in gin sales

Goal: Optimise PPC spend, reduce CAC
Services: SEO, web development
Type: Launch Project

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