Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors is an established online tile retailer providing over 6,000 products. We were approached to improve the volume of qualified traffic to the website and to help Walls and Floors appear higher in Google search results.

 Search visibility increase

 Keywords positions improved

walls and floors case study

Top level

  • Re-crafted the URL and category structure to target a broader set of keywords with complex canonical rules
  • Targeting highly competitive keywords by improving the websites link structure to new top-level category pages, i.e. “floor tiles”
  • Crafting highly specific, semantic HTML to optimise on-page specificity
walls and floors keywords

Total keyword

In order to broaden the number of keywords that Walls and Floors would be found for, we generated a list of all relevant keywords by combining all of the colours, finishes, locations of use and other attributes i.e. “red kitchen wall tiles”. This created over 30,000 potential keywords to target. Through our research, we identified that 1,453 of these keywords presented the best opportunity in terms of potential traffic and competitiveness.

In only 4 months we made a huge difference to Organic positions for highly competitive keywords. The result is a meaningful improvement to site traffic and ultimately, sales.

Walls and Floors Keywords

Key Facts

 Search visibility increase

 Keyword positions improved

walls and floors search visibility